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Are they following Mercedes-Benz?

So here's the story you can expect from your Audi salesperson, when you try to buy an A8.

First, they'll cry the blues and tell you their profit has been cut on the new A8 to only 6%.

And they will be telling you the truth...THEIR profit has been cut (the salespersons, not the dealers).

So here's the scoop:

MSRP on the new A8 is $69,190
Invoice is $64,740

Which works out to 6% or so.

What they haven't told you is Audi is pulling a Mercedes-Benz.

Instead of giving the dealer the profit up front (reflected in the msrp to invoice scenario), they are hiding it and giving it to them on the back end, dependant on customer satisfaction scores, etc.

So the dealer will still get the 12% total profit on each car, but the salesperson will only make their 20% of profit commission off the 6% number and YOU will get less of a discount.

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