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This is not news but here is an update:


At the push of a button this exciting Porsche can be transformed from a roomy two-seater allroad bakkie into a sporty, yet spacious four-seater wagon sporting a trendy allroad look - in less then two seconds. This innovative Porsche concept, based on the 911, and will make its debut on the Geneva Motor Show.

Rinspeed designed this Porsche Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) concept. The concept is also known as the Rinspeed Bedouin.

Rinspeed is a Swiss company responsible for exclusive automotive accessories, customized cars, conversions, custom fabrication and prototypes.

With its high roofline the Bedouin also offers lots of room and seating comfort for rear-seat passengers. Even more, the increase of interior space can be used as an enclosed cargo bed by folding down the backrest of the rear seats.

The almost magical transformation sequence is started by two electric motors that drive jackscrews to lift the entire roof of the vehicle. The front part of the roof then folds and in effect becomes the tailgate window while the rear part of the roof turns into the cargo bed.

The tailgate is also electrically powered and can be lowered to extend the bed by another 45 centimetres to an overall length of 185 centimetres. The bed can be used to transport bulky cargo and serves as a modern tent replacement and romantic bunk for leisurely rests.

To comply with highest safety standards the entire mechanism is fitted with redundant self-locking safeties and for maximum effect is operated with a remote control.

The fastest natural gas vehicle in the world

The Rinspeed Bedouin is powered by a future-oriented environment-friendly twin-turbo engine running on natural gas. Natural gas is an extremely clean-burning fuel that consists almost entirely of methane and contains almost no sulfur.

Protecting the environment does not preclude driving fun: The four-valve engine is from Porsche and produces 309 kW at 6 000 rpm. It delivers its impressive maximum torque of 560 Nm at just 2 700 rpm.

The 1,640-kg Bedouin accelerates in roughly 5.9 seconds to 100 km/h and reaches an electronically and mechanically limited top speed of 250 km/h.

The sporty lines of the Bedouin attract attention even at first glance. It is a little reminiscent of the Porsche 911, type 996, from which it takes the 4x4 platform.

In keeping with the English tradition of the ?shooting break,? the sporty wagon of the affluent hunter, the roofline exhibits a dynamic swing that gradually flattens out toward the rear.

The wide rear fenders and their striking air inlets exude raw power. The large air inlets in the front provide ample cooling air and also contribute to the powerful appearance of the Bedouin.

The elaborate roof design made from aluminum profiles is witness to the engineering prowess of Rinspeed. The entire mechanism for operating the roof is hidden from view behind the sidewalls. Green-tinted Foliatec glass in the roof louvers creates a bright and cozy ambiance even when the roof is closed.

The entire body of the Bedouin is made up of Pre-Preg composite, a state-of-the-art plastic rarely used in automotive production. It combines a low specific weight with extraordinarily high strength.

A seven-inch colour LCD monitor folds down from a recessed position in the roofliner. It can display the signal from the rearview camera for the driver or entertain the passenger with the program of an integrated DVD player.

The system was developed Blaupunkt and also allows connecting an external programming source such as a Sony Playstation.

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