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Hi everyone

I bought a g35 and it has 135k miles. It has been making this transmission chatter noise in neutral and at when revving at low rpms (1k-2k). I searched around and looked at a lot of forum posts saying that this is the flywheel chatter that a lot of g35s and 350zs make. I'm not sure if this chatter is too much? and that if I continue driving my trans could blow up? Need your guys' input


0:04-0:05 is where i press the clutch in and the noise is gone. I shut off the car the end with clutch not pressed in and gets little bit louder as it shuts off.
I know that lightweight flywheel makes this noise but I have no idea if the clutch components have been changed in this car before.

here's some other videos I found from other people with this noise:

My noise sounds identical to this. What do you guys suggest? keep driving? or should I get the trans out and replace the clutch components?
appreciate any help I could get thanks!
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