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Thanks for your patience with me guys. I am new to this group.

I should have explained myself better......especially in the SUBJECT LINE.

It is a NO BRAINER to me that any sports car use MANUAL. I have two other Fords with auto and this car will be for fun....and FUN = MANUAL to the topic was really down to whether I should have reservations going with Infiniti/Dealer/G35Coupe 6MT or not......whether the competition is that much better.

WHy the M3 in the mix.......well it is the baseline standard for high performance sports coupes.........opps there's a loaded statement......well anyway lets agree it is a Fast Car....and Yes it is 20K more new and that kills it as an option for me, but in the 2001 used market it may be a consideration for 5-7K more than the G35.

However I have Dumped the USED car option, even an M3.....just not for me after visiting a few.....I want something that is spanking NEW!

SO what about 330i High Performance Model? Well the performance is lacking if you asking me....the G35Coupe is far more torqueeeee and overall faster feel....not that the 330i High Performance is bad just not as FUN to drive.

WRX STI MODEL is Smoking fast but Rally feel and too rare (1500 for US this year) to inspire confidence in reliability and support.

Leaves me with 350z or G35 Coupe 6MT but then I can't leave the kids at home for every fun drive..they will cry at me all the time, and they won't be 12 years old for some time so no front seat 350z rides...except maybe around the block but even then you are asking for trouble...Air Bag laws, not to mention I love my kids more than any car.

What else? GTO? Not out yet, NA feel, lots o muscle and little handling? Probably.
SVT ? Ugly styling all torque no brains. Replacement in 2 years kills resale. I am a A Plan customer though.

So if My Infiniti Dealer gets its head out of its ass and gives me chance to order 2004 at beginning of Aug then I will likely go that route. Unfortunately in my time to question option the rates went from 3.19% to 3.59% S*&T!!!!!!!!!! [:(!]

I know the rates won't lock until car is delivered but God help me if they went up a full point higher in the 60-70 days it takes to deliver a car.

Thanks again to all you nice folks that replied...appreciate the response, and who knows maybe someday I will see some of you at a G35 6MT rally.......maybe in Dublin OHIO? [cheers]


Okay Make my own damn mind up for me!


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It sounds like you've thought it through pretty well.

You're in a better position to estimate your dealer's attentiveness than most of us, I'm sure. Is there any other dealer in your area that is perhaps a bit farther but still doable?

You could also call Infiniti Customer Service and tell them you're unhappy with your attempts to buy a car. I guarantee they get on that dealer's ass.
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