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Take off hesitation (New to Infiniti)

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Would resetting the ECU correct this problem. Or would a slight fender bender cause transmission hesitation to occur?
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the 07-08 transmissions have a programmin update.
Take off hesitation

I have an 07 G35 Sedan Journey Package, i am experiencing the "take off hesitation" when I press the gas pedal lightly. The car jumps a bit then catches gear and accelarate pretty quickly giving me a whiplash affect.

Is there a fix for this issue? If so, where do I go or who do i contact? I am in San Jose, CA....any help would be greatly appreciated.
Get the software update from the dealer. You should still have some powertrain warranty, which will cover that.
New to G35 hesitation prob with AT. Dealer already did software upgrade. Any thoughts?

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