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The text from the spies that caught this:



OUR SPIES ALONG the German racing track Nürburgring almost fell down from the trees a few days ago - they caught the coming BMW 6-series with their video camera. And here it is - a spy-video of the top-secret 6-series.

BMW is telling absolutely nothing about the coming sports car - but now we know quite a lot. First of all our spies could here - and so can you, if you play the video-clip, the black car ran with a V8-engine. But we know, it will come with a 6-cyl straight as well. Besides we still are sure, the M6 (and the M5) will come with a V10-engine.

However, this we know today, the car is big and heavy. The way it handles confirms this - big & heavy. And we have noticed, that the car is running with some king of ESP - it is clear it does not slide like a "free" car riding with out nothing.

To see the video clip just press the red video button further down.


· Coming BMW 6-series
· Scoop VIDEO from Nürburgring, Germany
· 2 + 2 seater coupe
· 3.0-litre 6-cyl. Inline, 231 HP
· 3.6-litre 6-cyl. Inline, 272 HP
· 4.5-litre 8-cyl. V, 333 HP
· 5.5-litre 10-cyl. V, 500 HP

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