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- First spy pictures of coming Sub Legacy
· 4 x 4 drive, flat 6 turbo power
· 350 bhp STi-version
· Launch: Springtime 2003

NOT ONLY DO do these spy pictures give the first glimpse of the next generation Subaru Legacy that’s to be presented in autumn 2003. They also confirm rumours that the Japanese will offer their new car as a hot 350-HP STi version to compete against cars like the BMW M3 and the Audi S4.

So far, Subaru’s hottest model is to be found one class below the Legacy – it is the Impreza WRX STi with just 207 HP (though a faster 280 bhp Legacy does exist but is sold only in Japan, New Zealand and the UK).

The whole Legacy range will get a sleeker look but will easily be recognisable as a new generation Legacy. The less performing models will get their power from carried-over 2.0- and 2.5-litre 4-cyl. engines and the 3-litre flat-6. Soon after the introduction of the new model, Subaru will launch the firm’s first 4-cyl. diesel engine penned in-house and featuring latest common-rail technology developed in co-operation with GM-owned Isuzu. Price for entry-level models will be around 24,500 Euro / 15,500 pounds.

Almost twice as expensive (46,000 Euro / 29,000 pounds) will be the range topping STi version pictured here. It has twin tailpipes and a low stance and is equipped with a twin-turbo version of the company’s flat-6 engine, driving all
four wheels.

· Next-generation Subaru Legacy range
· 4- and 6-cyl. front-engines, 4 x 4
· 2.0-litre flat-4, 2.5-litre flat-4, 3.0-litre flat-6
· New diesel-engine
· Up to 350 bhp
· 24,500 Euro to 46.000 Euro
· 15.500 pounds to 29,000 pounds
· Launch: Spring 2003

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