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It's been in the news a while and I was riveted to my seat as the story came out about the missing aircraft with 200 + people on board but I had no idea we'd be this far past that day and still be waiting and wondering.
I titled this -missing people- as a way of honoring the importance of those on board trumping an airplane gone missing. I didn't want to lose sight of the real meaning and impact and thinking of it as an airplane story did so for me.

I thought this subject might be something of interest since many have ideas or theories about what may have been involved / caused this strange event. Also, just tonight, a cousin of mine was asking me about my parents trip plans to China for 3+ weeks coming up soon. Are they worried or still going on the trip ?
No and Yes is the short answer but most of you know, with bachman at the keyboard, there is no short answer ..... :D

Here's my response to her;

So far as the China trip goes, I doubt they are swayed by such strange circumstances but this sure goes to show anything can happen... even if we don't know what, know who or know how it happened. I like most, was riveted to my chair watching the news reports but that changed when everything reported was suspect info, seemingly sanitized or just plain wrong or recanted. What a frustrating cluster this is for everyone.

A few things I zero in on are;

1) That plane didn't go invisible by accident or malfunction (someone had a plan) .... I think

2) I wouldn't think a suicide mission would need to bury the aircraft in a hidden location (why turn off all that stuff?) ...

3) Just last night, I read of the military missing the radar blip as the aircraft flew into restricted areas over land .... This seems terribly embarrassing so I'm certain that this and other information has been delayed or is still being withheld.

**Think of what we might know if fighter jets tracked and followed the plane had they responded to the radar blip / potential unknown threat.

I'd be interested in other ideas if anyone cares to mention thoughts.

Certainly, thoughts and prayers go out to the many that are directly affected by this mystery and apparent loss.

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I thought this was a thread about missing 6mt members who post more infrequently than they used to post.

I'm not sure where to start with the missing plane other than it is a real mystery and it wasn't by accident. I wonder if it landed in some country since there has been no debris found.

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yeah this seems like it was planned by some people on the plane since there is no trace of it so far. they should maybe look into the airline or the country itself now that theres suspicion. they could all be alive. could be aliens.
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