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I have heard of RB swaps in the G coupe, so I don't know why you couldn't do the same to the sedan.

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I have heard of RB swaps in the G coupe, so I don't know why you couldn't do the same to the sedan.
the sedan has a tighter engine bay. nothing is impossible w/ welding and crap. my teammate just installed a LSX v8 swap into his 350z. i have the first turbonetics 6mt sedan 2006 in the country.... i had to modify parts to make it work from a coupe b/c of the tighter engine bay.

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i see. well i saw a 350z with a rb26 swap. and i was just wondering. but a rb powered sedan would be sick

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EDO Performance in Huntington Beach,CA sells rb26 motors and swap them into Gs. They are going to start swapping one soon in a coupe; their new project. Thats my main shop also, im getting a procharger installed there after xmas. Heres a link to it:

Brand New NuR Spec RB26 and S15 SR20 Motors! - G35Driver

Also you can go to their website for more general info:
EDO - Performance Parts for Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, from Zero Sports, HKS, GReddy, Defi, Tomei, Jun Auto and More

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yes I saw a few picture of a G35 with Skyline Rb20 Det in it.
does anyone know if an rb25 would fit in a g35 sedan. or even a rb26? just wondering
Might ,look at this
05 INfiniti G35 Coupe Manual RB25DET Skyline SWAP


zolika , 02-25-2011 01:28 AM
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I'm testing the waters on my project i tried to sell it as a shell a few months ago but i couldn't. When i got the car in 07 i wanted to do an RB swap on it and things got delayed. So a couple of months ago i decided to finish what i wanted, and see if anybody wants it when it runs.

05 Infinity G35 shell
50k RB25DET
no 5ziegens will come with some ford focus wheels or those chrome ones
Costume motor mounts
Tranny mount
Oilpan , pick up tube
Front sway bar
Costume brake and clutch hardlines tucked under the dash
No secondary firewall
Aluminium Radiator
2x 12'' fans
Front mount IC 3'' piping
Powdercoated intakemanifold
Q45 90mm TB
AN Steelbraided Teflon Powersteering line
HKS bov
Driveshaftshop steel 1 piece driveshaft
Tein springs
AIT Sideskirts with CF lip
Greddy Front bumper
Sparco Seat
Sparco 4 point seatbelt
Nardi Steering Wheel not installed jet waiting on a hub
Autometer gauges
Apex'i Neo Safc
Full Costume racecar wiring harness
No heat or ac

rebuilt title

$11000 obo

Runs and drives great!!

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