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Ran a white hybrid civic this morning

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Engine definitely growled like a B18C. It was a white 1999 EX trim coupe lowered on Integra stock wheels (The chromy 15 inch high polished 6 spoke slanted version found on all the 1998 and above models.) We both came out of the toll simultaneously and punched it. We actually raced on the 360 degree expressway ramp (WARNING: Do not practice this maneuver without the VDC on!) The stability my car maintained is what won the race. The civic was loosing its tail and over steering like a mofo, and let off on his gas while the G35 made quick work of the sharp ramp while accelerating in the mid 60's. A very dangerous maneuver that I don't plan on trying again. The adrenaline rush encountered while racing does not allow for common reasoning, so "not racing" was obviously NOT one of the options. Regardless of the matter, drive carefully guys, and don't succumb to every individual that tries you on the road, as there are a lot of hazards out there, aside from putting a $40,000.00 car and your life in danger. Take it easy!


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