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All Coupé, Convertible and Compact models have been restyled to present an even sportier and dynamic appearance. The changes continue in the spirit of the Bangle Credo which states that the body styles of the 3er will over time become further differentiated from one another.

The Coupé and Convertible models feature a new, smoother, engine hood and a distinctive new front spoiler, punctuated with new front light housings and side indicators on new front wings. The kidney grille has been widened by 60mm or by less than 1 in.

At the rear, new light clusters with LED technology and a re-designed rear apron with body colored Park Distance Control feature on both Coupé and Convertible, with a new wider trunk grab handle applied to the Coupé and Compact models. Compacts also feature a redesigned rear light cluster and sporty new side sills.

Again in Europe, BMW 330i and BMW 325i Coupé and Convertible owners will be able to specify a new, six speed Sports Sequential Gearbox (SSG). The transmission currently features five gears and offers drivers a distinct reference to Formula 1 technology through the paddle-shift transmission. The new SSG will offer an even sharper shift quality than currently available on these models enabling the driver to shift gears in a split second with two paddles on the steering wheel or via a reassuringly shortened gear stick that feels particularly sporty.

The US versions of the Coupe and Cabrio will offer two-stage brake lights which increase in intensity if rapid pressure is applied, for example in emergency braking, allowing the driver behind the extra split seconds to react to the braking action. Now available on the 7-series and on the Z4, these lights are migrating throughout the BMW lineup.

Also in 2003, but perhaps not yet on the 3 series will be the Adaptive Headlight Technology. These headlights increase visibility through bends via a system of sensors which pass information to the car's onboard computer, which then calculates the course of the road via data on steering angle, yaw angle and speed. Two swivelling bi-xenon headlights are then directed to follow the course of the road offering far greater illumination in the direction of travel than fixed headlights.

The revised 3 Series Coupé and Convertible will be unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit in January of 2003. In addition to the new 3ers keep your eyes open for a brand new concept SAV, the xActivity.

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I like it. For some reason, though, those LED tails look off to me. I think it's because their 2 different patterns or something. Like every BMW, I'm sure it will grow in me [:p]

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