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Per Acura: The TSX's competitors are...

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Last sentence folks:


By MARK RECHTIN | Automotive News

Acura sees the Audi A4, BMW 325i and Lexus IS 300 as the front-drive TSX's competition.
Slicing the near-luxury segment ever finer, Acura Division will introduce the TSX sedan in April.

Based on the Europe-market Honda Accord platform but with a different engine, retuned double wishbone suspension and a redesigned interior, the front-drive TSX will fit between the RSX and 3.2TL in the Acura lineup. It will be priced between $25,000 and $30,000.

The 3.2TL is based on the larger American-market Accord platform.

Although the horsepower rating of the TSX is the same as the RSX Type-S, Acura gave the TSX a larger engine so the power and torque come on strong earlier. Also, the TSX has a choice of a five-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

Among the luxury touches the TSX will boast are standard sunroof, leather seats, Xenon headlamps, keyless locks, dual-zone climate control, mirror-mounted turn indicators, six-CD changer with a 360-watt stereo and an LED-backed instrument panel.

The interior also comes in two styles. Customers who want ivory leather will get wood inserts, while those who prefer gray or black interiors will get titanium inserts.

Acura sees the Audi A4, BMW 325i and Lexus IS 300 as its nearest competitors. The TSX will be made in Japan.

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