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I purchased a 2009 G37S about 2 years ago with 103,000 miles on it. About a year ago, I started getting "Random Misfire" codes. The engine would over-rev when this code was thrown, so it would idle around 1000 - 1100 rpm.

Several shops would clear the code and couldn't help. Finally, the car started going into limp mode. Took it to a shop and the guy had experience reading codes in this car and figured out one of my computers needed to be replaced, but he also said the timing chain probably needed replaced. Shortly after the computer replacement (the one that passes speed to the dash and to the main computer), it went back into limp mode. This time, he replaced the timing chain, seal, and water pump (his suggestion since he had to take it apart to this point anyway). I had him put new plugs in it, too.

After the work, he said both solenoids had to be replaced, too, because they were stuck wide open. They weren't able to get it to build pressure until replacing the solenoids.

Finally, it was back to running like a champ. Better than when I bought it. Then the random misfire popped again, but I knew the throw-out bearing was going bad and front brakes were shot, so I took it to him and had him rebuild the clutch and replace the brakes.

Since then, no more random misfire. But now, I'm getting P0524 and P0021 codes. Always come up together, though, I clear them and they don't come back for about a day. Always after the engine has warmed up, never on start up.

My mechanic says it's probably the oil pressure sending unit. He swears they've physically checked the oil pressure and it's good. He also says he checked the sensor and it tests good, though, it did develop a leak around the sensor after all the work they did under the cover. It wasn't a major leak, and they corrected it.

I'm not a mechanic, I just love driving this car. I drive the hell out of it, which is why I went out of my way to get the 6MT to begin with, but I'm not a gear head. I'm terrible with my hands.

Any other suggestions here? I don't think my mechanic is taking me for a ride, but I'm desperate to get all of this resolved, finish breaking in the new clutch and getting back to driving this thing the way it was designed. Thanks!
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