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Well done....

I wonder if that thing shows any signs of getting weak... -- Is it something worth inspecting from time to time or just a "Snap - Break" type of issue?
Maybe I'll check the cheap fix now or source the part just to be ready. :)

Thanks for posting the photos !!

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2003 g35 coupe 6 m/t 76k miles

Yesterday i went to start my car and i go to start it, nothing. No crank and it wont start. So I checked all the fuses (near clutch + under hood), all good. I tried pop starting it and it started right up and I drove home. (tested the battery 12.59 volts and the alternator at 14.8 and with a load [headlights, heat, radio] it went down to 14.4). So i ruled out it couldnt be a bad battery nor a bad alternator. no corrosion around the battery terminals. I decided to buy a new starter today, put it in and went to start the car– nothing. No crank no start still. so i pop started it again, runs like a champ. serpentine belt is good all the pulleys run strong. Not the anti-theft car alarm because it recognizes the key. So Im pretty much clueless from here.... anyone have any ideas? In the box with the new starter was a bulletin staying if you have no crank no start and have these symptoms, then you need a new IPDM (Intelligent Power Distribution Module) and for my year the part number was 284B7-AL51B.

-No crank no start
-not the starter, alternator, battery, fuses, car alarm
-could be the starter relay located in the IPDM, but how do i check a relay? if it was bad wouldnt it be clicking when i try to start it and the engine 'attempts' to roll over?

what else could it be?! is it the IPDM? any advice would be greatly appreciated


here is the bulletin i was referring to.

It’s the clutch pedal sensor cut the wires twist together problem solved
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