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I read that:

1. It will have an entirely new surface treatment (not flame-surfaced like the Z4) that will be very similar to the xActivity vehicle shown in Detroit. Spies said there are many clues to it’s exterior look on the xActivity

2. It will be a larger car than its predecessor.

3. It will be more powerful…(guess is 260-300HP)

4. The interior of the base car will be highly upgraded compared to the current 3 series with a lot more standard features you can see.

5. There will be multiple interior upgrade packages. (guess is sport, luxury, M, etc.)

6. The look of the car will be balanced like the current car. Spies say that the way that this was explained to them was, when you see the current three series, the car does not look radical or raked down in the front and jacked-up in the rear, it just looks balanced. Look for the more radical look on the M’s and Sports.

7. Lighting technology has really advanced over the last few years so look for more use of LED’s in the upcoming 3’s front AND rear lights. Lights will be like the current 7-series but different. Like the xActivity's maybe.

8. The car will use more aluminum in its design.

9. The front grill and hoods vents will be a variant of the xActivity style.

10. The dash cluster is a variant of the Z4 with a strong resemblance.

11. The iDrive will be implemented on the dash, ala xActivity.

12. There will be less console blockage between the driver and passenger giving the car the appearance of more interior space

13. The price of the car will remain the same or less but with more standard features.

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