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I’m new to using forums so bear with me here I’ll do my best to explain.

I have a 2009 g37s 120k mile
Stillen gen 3 intake
Muffler delete
2011 forged Nismo wheels

I’m about to upgrade my clutch to z1 stage 1 clutch and the heavy duty csc , along with attempting to replace all my bearings and seals in my diff with the z1 kit and new diff bushings. On top of all that my power steering pulley is going bad the bearings are squeaking, I get away with replacing the pulley and not the whole pump? I have the burning smell at high rpms but I can’t notice any steering issues.

i know if the special tools needed like the diff bushing tool and a gear grabber for the clutch. But I don’t know how to prevent my gears in the tranny from moving while I drop it and put it back in. Any help or pointers on any of the problems I have would be a big help!!
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