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I have a 2007 G35x sedan without the GPS features, I've purchased off this seller a complete kit OEM GPS , when trying to install coming to the middle section where there's the radio button / ventilation control .... When plug one of the plugs smoke started to come from the behind circuit board and I immediately unplugged it,

⬆ i circled in red the part that started smoking when putting one of the plugs ( this is the complete kit OEM with GPS feature)

so because of this situation I stopped and put back my original pieces , when I was all done I noticed some of these issues that wasn't there before doing this swap and issues are :
1-yellow light key remains on cluster ( but engine still starts)
2-no instrument on cluster works rpm / speedometer or other lights like check engine / air bag etc....
3- don't hear the relay releasing the shifter arm (automatic) when car is started , need to press the shift lock ..and yes my brake lights works
4- the center cluster messages in red wasn't working and noticed that the 10 amp fuse was blown and replaced and the messenger center in red came back on.

I've checked all my fuses and they are all good

Can someone help me with this issue its driving me crazy

Is it possible that I've maybe shorted the BCM module ?


⬆ this is while engine is turned on , without the fuse replaced for the red center messenger
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