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So I started having trouble getting the ignition key to turn during start up, and after doing some investigating I found out that my ignition cylinder was bad. I purchased a “new” ignition switch from a salvage yard and after fumbling with the wires (I didn’t take a picture before disconnecting everything) I got it installed. I had the key reprogrammed by a locksmith and the engine started right up but I noticed the airbag indicator light was flashing and I discovered I forgot to re-plug one of the electrical cables.

At this point I was just happy to get the car back running after it sat for several days, and thought that since it started right up then the unplugged cable must not be related to the ignition nor starting the car. So after the locksmith left I decide to take a short test drive around the corner to the nearest grocery store.

It ran fine getting there, but when I tried to leave the store that’s when the trouble began. I put the key in the ignition, turned it, the engine started and immediately died. Fortunately on my second attempt the car started up, continued to run, and I was able to make it back home. So after letting the car sit for 20 mins or so, I came back out to try and start it again.

Same issue...the car starts and immediately all the indicator lights illuminate and the engine shuts off. After making a couple phone calls, someone suggested starting the car in neutral and then put it in drive, this worked with no problem. I was told there may be an issue with the wiring or maybe the sensors, and it might be related to how I put everything back together. I was wondering does anybody have a diagram or manual on how the wiring works that they could e-mail me? Any other ideas of what it could be?
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