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Hello, my name is EJ. I'm a 17 year old senior in highschool taking duel enrollment so I do college and highschool. I will graduate spring of 2023 with a certificate in automotive technology and plan to take more classes after highschool such as welding. After school I plan on working in a shop or welding, whatever I can land my feet on. I started getting interested in the car scene near last December. My friends who I reconnected with after no contact of a few years all had these cool cars and I was mind blown at the noises and speeds these cars did. My bestfriend has a 08 wrx (no sti sadly) turbo with an eco tune on right now because he gets pretty bad gas mileage lol, which makes it a lot slower than what it was, but the thing is still fast and as loud as a helicopter. So, as any other person I fell in love with these pieces of metal. I really love jdm and Japan is my ideal place as to where I would like to live. Dream 5 car garage would have to be an trueno, r34 gtr, hellcat durango, 911 gt2 rs, 2000 civic type r hatchback. For the last year I have been driving a 2011 tahoe that I chopped the muffle off of so it's pretty loud but it is so slow. I am getting a new car in the next two weeks, might end up being a 05 g35 sedan as it looks so far. Also into shoes and computers and da za iykyk.
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