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The Lotus Elise will arrive on our shores as a 2005 model in either April or June 2004, depending on which Lotus executive you speak to. Without releasing specifics, Lotus execs said our Elise will have a more powerful engine than the European model, though torque will be similar to the European engine. Lotus will release more information midyear, including the name of its engine maker.

The V8-powered Esprit will continue into the 2004 model year, ending its 28-year life in early ’04. Lotus said that an all-new Esprit will hit the streets “in a few years time,” with the same name and the same two-seat, mid-engine configuration.

Lotus is also investigating a 2+2 car, “to see what the market’s expecting,” said Tony Shute, head of product in Hethel. Does the market expect an SUV?

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