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· Cool materials in Geneva Accord Special
· 19-inch alloy wheels
· Racing seats
· 250 bhp we believe

IF MAZDA IS able to create a Evo-chaser out of their 6, so are we able to build an even cooler Evo of our Accord! The theme for this unique sports study model of the Honda Accord is "Muscle-Tech Design". This car is a true performance saloon, enhancing the sporty "spirit" of the Honda Accord.

Its powerful and strong body presence draws attention but the look is complemented by top quality materials. Aluminium, carbon fibre and leather are used extensively.

The dynamic front bumper shape creates an aggressive expression, as does the rear bumper with its air diffuser.

The extreme "sporty" character translates itself into carbon fibre aero parts and 19-inch alloy wheels. In combination with the wide wheel arches, with a wide track, it creates a bold, eye- catching look.

The high standard of materials for the exterior was also applied to the interior. Aluminium, leather and Alcantara™ were used extensively on sport seats, the 3 spoke steering wheel, meter dials and gear shift knob.

Honda does not mention the output of the car – our guess is around 250 bhp, which is an easy skill for at tuned more than 2-litre Honda 4-cyl. inline.

· Honda Accord Muscle-Tech
· Show car for Geneva 2003
· Aluminium, carbon fibre, leather
· 19-inch alloy wheels
· 4-cyl. inline, 250 bhp*
*) Est.

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