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The Mercury Marauder, an attempt to appeal to nostalgic muscle car buyers, has not carried its weight, Reuters reported.

After setting an annual target of 18,000 vehicles, Mercury sold just 2,910 of the rear-wheel-drive sedans between July and December of 2002.
Mercury is now offering a $3,000 rebate or zero-percent financing on the Marauder, the same incentives it offers for the aging Mercury Grand Marquis sedan it is based on, the story said.

Mercury executives deny that the car has been a failure. "I think the Marauder has been and is successful because it's a niche product. It's this enthusiast niche that is buying this particular vehicle," said Philip Smoker, the Marauder's brand manager. "When we look at the demographics of the Marauder buyer, it's right in line with where we have targeted the product."
Smoker said the average age of the Marauder buyer was 51, versus 69 for the 2003 version of the Grand Marquis.

In the hope of selling more Marauders, Mercury is expanding color options from black only to dark blue as well as three new colors. The company will also offer new options such as traction control and a moonroof. Including last year's sales, Smoker said Mercury hoped to sell about 12,000 Marauders through the end of the model year.

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