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Replacing the OEM actuator is also a pain in the ass.
I have installed the $5 actuator kit on 11 G coupes so far, and I gotta say it's the best option. Not only is it cheap, but they are readily available.
If you're in So Cal I can install it for ya for $60 a door, $100 for both. It's a bit of work that I've done numerous times.
And you/I have to make mounting brackets from metal to mount the actuator to because the mounting bracket that comes with the kit doesn't fit our car.
Plus the actuator rod has to be cut to fit our cars as well. I do/make both of these.
The Door Lock Actuators on the 03-05 G coupes are garbage. When I got mine the driver side never worked.
I went and did this fix to both of my doors because I didn't want to wait for the passenger side to go out too, plus I wanted the experience.
Now I provide this service to ppl in So Cal. The dealer charges around $400 to replace the oem actuator btw.
Hi you still do this? I’m in socal
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