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So I got the dreaded "CD ERROR F0" message, so I'm going to try to hookup my iPod now.

I've looked around and this seems to be the only kit still for sale to do this with an 03.5 G35 coupe.

I have all the premium package stuff and bose system and Satellite radio buttons, etc.

I get the "No Sat" message when I push the button, so I'm just assuming because I have no subscription. (My Vin# is above ...210)

It should all just be plug and play in the trunk correct? I've looked at some other write ups about getting to the back of the radio, and it seems like a painful mission to do that.

I know people have mention before about checking your VIN number to make sure the SAT is hooked up before hand, but just looking for some more info about it, before I purchase and try to tackle this.
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