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The Injen CAI intake (RD1992) is working fine now on my G35C 6mt after following the advice of Gsedan35 (thanks again dude). The problem was definitely that the MAF sensor was getting way too much air and with no load on the engine @ 80+mph with the clutch in or shifting in neutral, would produce an extreme lean condition that the ECU couldn't keep up with the adjustments and would cause the engine to stall. The engine will not stall if you leave the foam padding in place in the bumper to prevent the rush of cold air from getting to the filter.
Pics and install tips can be seen here...

Injen claims they will be changing their installation instructions with this update, but just in case they don't, now you know what to do. They probably will continue working on fixing it so it can get cold air without stalling, but until they figure it out, this will work.

Obviously, it's a little less powerful now it's not getting the rush of cold air, but it's definitely worth the tradeoff for peace of mind that the engine won't stall. I'm guessing about a 3-4hp difference between the two, but my butt dyno is not calibrated too well. The sound is better now IMHO as before it seemed like the intake was going to rip apart around 6000rpm, but now the sound seems more linear and it's still much more aggressive than stock and you still will get pinned back a bit in your seat in 1st & 2nd gears, so it definitely still works.

Hope this helps others that are interested in the Injen intake and are afraid of risking safety...after all I went through with Injen, I would still recommend the intake. I love the sound, look & performance that I get with this intake and the most important thing is now it's safe to drive.

That's my $.02

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