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From Autoweek:

After writing about the forthcoming Dodge Magnum (AW, Nov. 25), an Audi Avantissimo-like wagon shown at a consumer clinic, now comes word of yet another clinic-tested player entering the wagon fold: Infiniti.
Our clinic insider reports Nissan’s luxury brand is seriously considering a wagon carrying the G35 or G35X nameplate. If brought to market, we’re told the wagon would have “big tires and plastic cladding as well as all-wheel drive.” Our observer also reported the wagon as Volvo Cross Country/V70-sized, which means it would be much larger than a G35-based wagon, so maybe the G35 nomenclature was a decoy.

Why is Nissan flashing its future before consumer clinics? “At the end they showed us the new FX45 and asked whether we thought the wagon would take away sales from the SUV,” our clinic attendee said.

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