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Having just launched the impressive new M range of luxury sedans, Infiniti is now considering expanding the lineup to include both an M Coupe and an M Convertible. News of the new additions to the M lineup comes via InsideLine, which reports Nissan execs are seriously debating the two door models.

As surprising as it sounds at first, the move actually makes a great deal of sense with a M 2-door and drop-top competing directly with the Mercedes E-Class Coupe and Convertible and the upcoming BMW 6 Series lineup. With Mercedes offering both an E350 and E550, we're likely to see Infiniti offer both the coupe and convertible as M37 and M56 models delivering horsepower and performance on-par with the Mercs.

Somewhat surprisingly, the M models might not be the bargain option in the segment, with the M56 sedan currently priced at $58,000 – a $3,000 premium over the E550.

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