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I’m sure most of you have not missed me but I’ve been MIA for the last week or so. Why? Preparation!

Someone mentioned in one of the post that it might be a good idea to check dealer inventory via Infiniti’s website to see what dealers in the area had in stock. Well guess what I found! Black on Black, Premium, Navi, Performance Package, Aero G35 coupe! To say I was excited would be the understatement of the year. Normally I’m an optimist but when I found the car I found my pessimistic twin rearing his ugly head. It was just to good to be true because I was told that I would not be able to get the car for at least another month or so (I was told that by the biggest Infiniti dealer in NJ Ray Catena. Well David (Denville Infiniti in Denville NJ) defeated Goliath (Ray Catena) in this case. Come to find out Denville Infiniti in Denville NJ had the car. I called Bob Smith and he assured me the car was there and it was mine for the taking if I got there quick enough. Needless to say I went to meet Bob that night. We walked in the back and there was my girl, Black and pretty still in the ship wrap never been test drove (8.4 miles on her). I could have sworn she said “Hi Rashan I’ve been waiting for you” when I walked up to here. I’m not sure if that was the case but boyyyyy did she purr when I started her up! By the way, the team at Denville Infiniti is World Class! Bob Smith is the man and his boss Kevin is excellent! If you want to contact Bob you can reach him at 973-361-1572. This guy is a real class act so is Kevin the sales manager.

I met my G35 on a Thursday and was prepared to walk out with her on Friday but the dealer finance rate was too high (4.7%). I went to and got a 3.9% rate (it was slightly higher than a exclusive rate I got with Ray Catena but only by .423% or $420 over five years. I thought it was worth it to get my car sooner). So I had to wait three days to get the check from the bank and picked up my G35 coupe on Monday!

I didn’t want to talk about it until I had the car in my garage (Murphy law principle). Well, now she is here and she is pretty. I’ve already put 340 miles on her. I will also admit that I red lined it the first day but haven’t since. Its sooo hard to keep her under 4000 rpm’s but I’m working on it. I never take her above 5000 rpm’s (I know I know! I’m being a bad owner!). Like I said my G35 is black so it’s hard to keep her clean. The moment I drove her off the lot dirt jumped on her like a moth to a flame. Black is beautiful and makes my G all the more pretty so I can deal with a little dirt. I love the stares I get (especially from the ladies ;-)). One of the sisters from my church put a red one on order but it wont be here for a few months. That’s cool because now I get to drive around popping my collar because I’m the only one with one in the church’s parking lot (The parking lot at church can look like a car show sometimes. The Lord is really blessing us.).

I haven’t experienced any of the problems that were post on the site yet but I have a few issues. Today I had to take my girlfriends niece stroller to her. I could not even get it in the trunk. That was sad :-(. I did find a small dink in the rear left quarter panel that I’ll have removed when I take it in for the first oil change. It’s so small I cant notice it unless I’m looking for it and even then I miss it.

Bottom Line: This car is hot! In my opinion you can’t buy a better car for the money. Regarding the dealer, they are World Class! My salesman Bob Smith is dedicated to his customers. If you wanted a G35 or any other Infiniti buy it from the Denville NJ Infiniti team. The entire crew is World Class.

Once you go never go BACK! Coming soon to the Jersey Turnpike: Black Obsidian/ Graphite Leather, 18",Premi, Navi, Aero, Auto

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