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There was a post here about the new Lexus RX330 and spy pics. Here is some new rumors about the that vehicle plus some other Lexus related rumors:

2004-2005 RX 330:
• Lexus RX330 will be out by April
• Within 12 months after launch, the RX330 Hybrid will be available.
• The RX 330 Hybrid will outrun every current Lexus with a 0-60 time of around 5.5 sec.
• The RX 330 Hybrid will exceed 40 mpg.
• All this means that the RX 330 Hybrid can burn 1 tank of gas and leave most cars (burning 2 tanks of gas) eating its hybridized dust.

Lexus, 2004 and beyond:
• The I-6 will be discontinued.
• The new IS will have a 330 V-6. Unclear if it the same engine from the RX or not.
• A 400 hp hybrid engine is already a done deal for sports cars/coupes.
• By 2007, hybrid engines will be an option on all Lexus models.
• Lexus will not engage in a horsepower war with other car manufacturers, but is changing direction and will lead the industry to high output hybrid and fuel cell engines that will kick some butt, save gas and be enviromentally friendly.

2001 CL Type S
2001 Lexus RX300 Silversport
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