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If you are going to start a New Post, please post it in the right forum. There are 13 different forums, and each is dedicated to a specific topic.

For example:

G35 Coupe - Anything that specifically refers to a G35 Coupe.

G35 Sedan - Anything that specifically refers to a G35 sedan.

Buying a G - Anything related to buying, leasing, financing either a G35 Sedan or Coupe.

Audio & Navigation - Anything to do with the Audio of Navigation system of either car.

Clubs - Anything to do with a local Club or car meet in your hometown or region.

Automotive Industry News - Anything to do with news about new cars (new models or concepts) other than the G35 Coupe or Sedan.

General Discussion - Anything to do with cars other than the G35 that are currently out.

Racing - Anything to do with Racing of or times of any type of car.

Totally Off Topic - Anything not having to do with cars at all.

Cars For Sale - Any car for sale.

Performance Mods - Anything about performance mods (specifically for the G35 Coupe of Sedan).

Wheels - Anything to do with selling/buying or questioning about wheels/rims.

Electronics - Anything to do with the Electronics of the car
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