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So i usually just lurk, and don't post often, but i had to share an experience with z1 motorsports today. Hopefully this saves someone else from having to pay 150/hr to diagnose a product they just bought. I can't imagine any other industry doing this. Bought a cell phone and have a question? Sorry... 150/hr.

I'm just copying most of the email i sent after talking on the phone with them as it's the easiest way to convey what happened...
I bought this pulley from you. It felt too tight, even when the nut was only hand tightened, not even torqued to spec yet. Unlike the left side that i also bought, it didn't spin freely. I called to get a simple question answered: is this a/c tensioner for the g35 supposed to spin freely by hand or not?

I was told, "i don't have this engine i have a different one so I'm not sure. "

He put me on hold and then asked someone who suggested i was missing a part. I'm not. Everything that came off the car was sent by you and went back on.

He then proceeded to rudely tell me he had already answered my question and went above and beyond!?? He didn't answer the simple question: is it supposed to spin freely or not? I'm concerned that on my hour long commute the pulley would fail and cause damage leaving me stranded. I need to know if this item is defective or not.

He then said to help me further and actually give me an accurate answer to a part i bought FROM YOU, that i would have to pay $150/ hour!!

To diagnose whether a pulley i bought from you was defective???

I've never been told to go [email protected]#$ myself so directly by any "vendor" in my life.

I've dealt with vendors in multiple motorcycle communities, other g vendors and Ford raptor vendors to name a few. This is utterly ridiculous.

All i wanted was a technical answer about your product. Not free stuff, not free money.....
I still don't have an answer to the question by the way.

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