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I will see it all, after I see an Acura Truck, but with this, I am very close to say, "I have seen it all".

By the way, watch their persistance to stay with V6 engines. Once, I thought that the only way a V8 would make sense for Honda/Acura would be if Honda made a pick-up truck. But then again, this is only a mid-size truck. Anyway, here is the news:


Detroit area Honda dealers got the good news at the Detroit auto show – they will join archrivals Toyota and Nissan in the profitable pickup truck market starting in 2005. Honda, long a holdout from any kind of pickup truck, is planning to release a mid-size pickup along the lines of the Dodge Dakota. It will be built off the Honda Pilot/Acura MDX platform on a unibody frame and powered by a 24-valve six-cylinder engine, according to Roseville, Mich., Honda/Acura dealer Jeffrey Tamaroff. Sources say that Honda’s Lincoln, Ala., assembly plant will be expanded for the as-yet unnamed truck.

Honda had decided to enter the truck market first with the mid-size V-6 configuration before tackling the full-size V-8 sector into which Nissan is propelling its new Titan. For one thing, Honda builds no V-8 engines now and prefers to plow ahead in familiar waters before going after the Big Three and relative newcomers Toyota and Nissan. Meanwhile, Honda dealers have been imploring their factory to make the plunge for several years, once Toyota led the Japanese assault into the market boasting the highest-selling vehicles in the world – the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado. –Mac Gordon

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