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So I've got a 2008 6mt sedan, and the clutch started slipping, I drive fairly hard but take very good care of my car and will rarely ever do big power mods so decided to buy an oem plus LUK flywheel and clutch kit. Since I was on a budget I let a mutual friend install the kit for me and now I've got 4 codes all timing related.
This happened 30 seconds after I drove off:
All of these x2.
I took it to a shop and they replaced the crank censor instead of taking it apart ot actually see if the flywheel or clutch were incorrectly mounted and charged me 500 bucks. When they codes came on again, they claimed that their code reader had never seen these codes before and they threw in the towel now saying that there is no way in hell that it has anything to do with the clutch and the problem is actually timing, later quoting me close to 3k to take apart my motor (LOL). My car drives fine but lacks some power and gets a bit worse gas mileage. Otherwise it feels 10/10, the car has never been in an accident and never skipped a beat on me in its lifetime. I love my car to death, and would very much prefer to not turn it into a shitbox with lights all over the dash and keep losing to V6 Honda accord sedans :whistle: yes that almost happened. No the guy who did this does not take any responsibilty for it smh. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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