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Want to have a mono amp to power my sub and a 2nd 4 channel amp to power my mids and highs without having to remove or replace the factory bose amp and just by splicing (if possible) .

I have a 2010 g37 sedan with bose and navigation.

Currently I have a sound qubed hdx3.2 subwoofer powered by a SQ 1250.1 amp. I installed it by splicing into the stock bose amp with rcas on one end and connecting rcas of the other end to the SQ amp. Works amazing and hits hard and had for a while now.

Recently wanted to upgrade the speakers so bought a Skar audio 150.4 amp and skar super tweeters and 10 inch mid ranges to replace the 10 inch subwoofers inside front doors. I’ve never installed a multiple channel amp before. How would I install my 4 channel amp so that it works with my mono Sq1250.1 amp? If I have to buy more stuff like a lc7i or LOC or splitters I’ll buy it but if it’s possible just by splicing into the stock system I would like to know how if anyone has done it. Thanks an advance hope someone can help me out!
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