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I'll be heading over to my local Infiniti dealer on Monday (InSkip in Warwick, RI). I was leaning towards the sedan but think I like the coupe better. I'd like to drive the auto and stick to answer the option question and will then figure out the other options and color from there (might go with red). I've scanned through some past posts and it seems that there might be a wait to get one of these? Also, have dealers been discounting them or will I be looking at MSRP? And finally, is there anything that you would have done different when you ordered your car?


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Do a search first..

coupes don't often go below msrp
if your ordering a 2004 expect delivery around october...(or later due to high demand...)
sedans go under msrp (2003)
don't forget 2004 is coming out so they're trying to clear the lot
end of the month means he wants his commission, so he'll be more desperate to selling the car (i think)
write anything that he "owes" on paper for legal issues...(free oil change etc.)
look up the invoice on your car/options and deal from invoice up (in my opinion..)
check your car for the mileage, dents, scratches, all items, etc.

blah blah blah..

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