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Alright first off I'm new to this forum but this is the 2nd G I have owned. Its a 2012 G37 S 6MT & her name is ARI <3

Currently experiencing issues only when it Rains.☔🌧

Incident #1: Drove my car to work while raining, Get to work and park and I go to push the button to shut off my car and the engine doesn't cut and the instrumentals and lights shut off like it shut down but the engine was still on, I say um... Okay. So I try to push it once more maybe I didn't push it enough. Second attempt to turn it off the lights come back on and then dim out but engine again still on, So at this point I don't want to be late for work so I just get out, pop the hood and pull the terminal in the battery to shut it off. Ill deal with it when I'm off work my logic is. So after work comes I come to my car and I try to start it again and Bam it starts no
ues. Cool Just try you best not to drive it in the rain.

So I noticed the Key light came on the instrumentals , So logically first step is.. Oh maybe my FOB needs a replacement battery cheapest and easiest first step in the process. So new battery in fob light turn off, cool. Come back nest day and same cycle. So I tried placing it in the FOB slot and correct me If I'm wrong but its suppose to light up when the fob is inside
(little orange light on each side), correct? At least my last G did. This current one doesn't. Any way Key does this disappearing for a while and coming back pattern. Now I'm thinking is this a programming issue is the water getting in somewhere(where the Buck at?, Please help me.) is it just the computer. I have been experiencing issues with connectivity with the Bluetooth as well that I never did with my other G. ANYYYWHOOO.....

Incident #2: Today I was leaving my house to go to work and I got in my car put my backpack and lunch bag down on the passenger seat. Settled into the driver seat made sure I was neutral and pushed the clutch in and hit the button to start her up and you guessed it.....It didn't start. No battery clicking noise and with good reason because its a Brand NEW battery. that needed replacing before all this. ANYWHOO.... Back to my story. Its definitely turning over like it wanted to start and my instrumentals came on but never turned the engine over to actually start it, so I then think maybe I can solve this like Incident #1 if I just disconnect the battery and reset it, clench my ass cheeks and hope that does it because I'm going to be late for work and of all days My little sister has my truck(wipers don't work, terrible for the rain with no Bucking visibility.) because she wanted to pick up a dresser today, I call her and tell her I need my Truck asap because ARI wont start. I'm sitting there like fucking great I'm gunna be late for work (I'm new and still in a 6month probational period), I try again and same shit happens but this time.. there it is... I hear it ping for the notification and No key or Whatever the Buck it says and I'm like really bruh as I'm already irritated but trying to stay calm. So I try a couple more times with the cycle of the battery disconnect and nothing. I try putting the FOB in and nothing either, Still not recognizing it.

I then text my BF that my car wont start, So I'm sitting there because I'm thinking of all days I don't have my truck(Secondary car.) I told him I've exhausted all Possible ATM thing's I could think of and we can try to start it by popping clutch. So he pushes me and I start rolling because our parking area has a slight down hill and I try it and Nothing. I want to cry now, I go for it again while I'm still rolling and nothing again and now I'm like.
.Buckkkk!!! I'm a fracking failure but then I have to tell myself you gotta keep it together. Don't let the bullshit get to you, you strong, you smart, don't cry! So My bf tries to push it up hill and it barely moves, I then get out and try too by the door jam and it starts moving but not by much 😂 haha so my bf calls it and I pull the hand-break up. Defeated but still in positive spirits, I just leave it there and just wait for my brother in law to come help my bf push it into my parking spot. I then manually lock all the doors while my Bf turns my truck around for me so I can leave to work. I then give him to key to ARI and a kiss and get in my truck and take off to work. Mind you my wipers don't work and it wasn't raining when I left, halfway to work it starts pouring nuts and bolts hard and I cant see Shat out the windshield, thinking Just don't crash and die as I'm driving to work.
I get there run into work and clock in almost about 30min late. Now here I am typing this up!!

So please anybody, Help a poor little unfortunate soul. Anyone else have these Bucking issues that can help guide me to a possible fix. I never want to go through this again. I'd appreciate anything useful and any positive input. Thank you for reading my Ted talk 😘
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