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Hey guys, I’m kind’ve new to the vq35s, I had a 37 in the past.
okay so I changed my valve covers(mitzone ebay brand what a nightmare… broken pcv valve, d/s wouldn’t seal after buying 3 sets of gaskets.. finally just siliconed the entire thing.) I did the plugs while I was in there as well as the pcv hoses, and installed a 5/8 plenum spacer(eBay no brand, I siliconed that to seal it up). Started her up and had cyl 3 misfire. No big deal, swapped coils around and diagnosed and replaced the coil. No more misfire/ses light. Test drove the car and noticed a significant loss of power like I didn’t have my vtec lmao. Drove the car to work today monitoring a/f,timing, etc. lunchtime hit I did an ecu reset with the pedal and ignition on/off stuff. Drove it to get lunch and a drink no ses light but I scanned it and had p0011 for the bank 1 vtec solenoid. So after work I took it off and apart and cleaned it with brake clean and changed my oil since I was about 1-2k overdue. Same thing on the drive home with no power, no more p0011 code as I was checking at every red light as well as monitoring the ignition timing about 40 btdc cruising and between 15-20 WOT. Any insight to the loss in power would be greatly appreciated thank you guys I look forward to hearing from y’all
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