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G35 - Laser Red - Looking for you

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Unfortunately I need to part ways with my G (3rd one over the years), need to move in to a 4 door Q or FX (more kid and dog friendly)

  • Running, no engine issues, just replaced crank sensors
  • Red/Black
  • 6 MT
  • Drive seat usual tear in the seat
  • Road scuffs and hater scratch on the right side (see picture)
  • Needs new remote for keyless entry
  • No clutch issue, (second clutch since I became the owner)
  • Needs new front arm ball joins (common maintenance task on the G)
  • 155K miles
  • Make me an offer

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Sold in a heartbeat on craigslist, 馃挃
What did you end up getting? Mine is about the same condition and mileage.
I'm trying to get in to a 2016-2017 Red Sport 400 however I'm not a fan of the sensory package, might just go with any 3.0T and add paddle shifters later on but it has to be red! :D

The prices are over inflated right now so I'm not rushing it.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts