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G35 Coupe at the NY Auto Show

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to the NY auto show at the Jacobs Jarvis Center. Man talk about having a big head afterwards. I parked up the street from the show and when I pulled my black on black G in the lot people waiting for their car asked if I just brought it at the show. It was like I was giving a preview of the show before people went inside. Everyone in the parking lot was staring at us (And there were other fly cars in the lot like a M3, CLK430, VET, etc).

While in the car show there where hoards of people around the G. It was in the top five of the most popular cars at the show (of course you had your mainstays like MB, BMW, Lexus, Acura (kinda)). The two featured G coupes were a little watered down in my opinion. The showcased G was a base model but the other G had Navi and Premium but no Aero or Performance Packages. In my opinion they could have shown the car off a lot more. But nonetheless it was a BIG attraction at the show.

After the show when we were leaving all we got were ohhhhs and ahhhs. It was rush hour so we caught a lot of traffic. People were cutting off other people to catch a glimpse of my G. Kids were walking to there cars and tugging on their parents saying things like “Ohhh daddy look thats the car we saw inside” and daddy would reply with a “Oh yes it is and a grin at me and my girlfriend). To say my head was getting big is an understatement. I even had a cop and a taxi driver give me thumbs up (for those of us that frequent the City we know that’s a HUGE complement!)

I took some pictures at the show. Ill be sure to post them soon. Oh! BTW, This car is lovely in rush hour traffic. I mean I was in and out like a bandit. But as I drove pass the Javis center I did drive slowly so I could soak up as much attention as I could. My partner and me will be going back on tomorrow. When I told him what happened he said we would have to go together. This time itll be a guy thing ;-).

Hope to see you there!


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This is so true... I've gotten so many stares and compliments from strangers it's amazing. One guy at the gas station couldn't get enough of it. I felt like a salesman at the showroom....well, that part was kind of annoying. He wouldn't leave me alone!


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