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G35 coupe 6mt blower motor

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I am new to the forum. I have a 6mt g35 coupe that i purchased in janurary. I had the blower motor for the ac/heat replaced 3 days after purchase because it was dead. I have no heat/ac again so i am assuming that the blower motor has croaked again. I am going in for servicing on friday. Has anyone had this problem?? My theory is that the a couple of hard runs (6500 rpm +) takes out the blower motor. My only other complaint is that the vdc should have an off by default option so i dont have to turn it off every time i get in the car.


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Welcome Jonathan. I know that some other members have the HVAC problems. I think there's a recall out on the sedans for A/C troubles, but I'm not positive what the issue is... Chaz?

The engine RPM should not cause any problem with the blower motor, as it is electrical. Unless the voltage regulator on your alternator is not capping the output!!!

Let us know how it goes on Friday

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Whoops. When I read "blower motor" I was thinking +100 HP. Oh, well.

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I wish my problem had something to do with 100 extra horses

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Nice signature Jonathan. LOL mine is also everything except winter package, cause real men can deal with blind mirrors and surviving on a compact spare tire! JK LMAO... But seriously, I am considering getting heated mirrors, I don't know how much they are... maybe an arm and a leg, but I'm sick of the morning dew clouding the mirrors down here in sub-tropical Miami. I am aware that the inside of my current mirrors have the plugs already there built into the harness, but I need to get the price of the actual mirrors... will advise!



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the infiniti dealer in richmond did some work on my wiring harness and suspects a bad ground was the problem (at least that is what they told me). My heat/ac is working again. I am now free to terrorize the peaceful highway goers.

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everything but nav. - cause men don't need directions from anything
Yeah I recieved a recall for my AC 'chip' is what the dealer told me. They said the ac/heat chips that run the computer for it are faulty and could cause it to either croak, like in your case, or put the air on full blast and not turn off till you shut the car off. This is what the dealer told me, still have yet to get this one fixed as he said it will take a couple hours to do. I will let you know more info when I go in to get it done...

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