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g35 airbag light on

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hi i have a 2003 g35 , it was hit on the pasenger side.
the seat bag and the curtain deployed.
i changed the whole seat, and the curtain airbag, and the light is still on.
any ideas what I need to replace now, or is there anything i can reset or program?
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Sorry for reviving this thread. I just want to share what helped me when I was having troubles with the airbag light on my Infiniti. I was trying to fix the airbag light and can't find the issue. Then I researched some other causes that may affect my airbag light and I came across the YOUCANIC site where they have an article named "Troubleshooting Infiniti Airbag Light On", after reading it I knew that clock springs can also be one of the causes. Then I remembered that my horn and steering wheel buttons were difficult to use because you need to press it a lot before it works. I checked the clock spring and knew it was bad, then I got a new one and replaced the clock spring, airbag light is off now. I really recommend visiting their site and I hope it would help you also :)
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