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New in box A1Cardone remanufactured steering rack and pinion. Includes inner tie rod ends.
I bought this from RockAuto and never ended up installing it. See the link below for the full info.
I'll throw in the filter as well.
I cut one end of the box open to stick the filter in there, but never actually took the unit out of the box.
It has probably been too long to be able to get the core fee back on it from RockAuto, but you could probably get some money for your old one since you wouldn't be paying a core fee.

$200 + shipping. This is less than the part cost before core is even added on.

For shipping estimates, the dimensions are 7"x11"x50" and 19 lbs. I get UPS shipping discounts through work that tend to make the shipping price about half of the UPS estimates, but I can't guarantee anything until I'm shipping it. Local pickup in Oceanside is ok too.

Current pricing on rock auto is $338 with core fee:,7388

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