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I bought a full set of rear Energy poly bushings and only installed 1/3 of them before deciding to sell the car. They are the black color and they are all new and unused.
The complete set was: 7.3122 | G35 | Rear Control Arm Bushing Replacement Kit

I used the inboard-side bushings for the radius rod and front lower link rod, and the bottom spring cup and what is left are the ones for the upper control arms and the steering knuckles. Basically, I realized I couldn't press the knuckle and UCA bushings out with my small shop press and instead of taking the parts to a shop, gave up and put it back together.
I attached the instructions, so you can see which ones go where. This is a better version of it:
See the attached diagram that shows the ones I have.

These are all listed as a complete bushing, e.g. 2 poly pieces and a metal sleeve. The parts are all here to do the same bushings on both sides of the car.
2x #2832 w/ 1.0x0.5x1.96" sleeve - see note below, can split up if you just need a single 2832/2833 pair
2x #2833 w/ 1.0x0.5x1.96" sleeve - see note below, can split up if you just need a single 2832/2833 pair
4x #2835 w/ 1.0x0.5x1.96" sleeve
2x #2836 w/ 1.0x0.5x1.60" sleeve
2x #2838 w/ 1.0x0.5x1.60" sleeve

To clarify, I have a total of 24 bushing ends (12 pairs) and 12 sleeves, which form a total of 12 bushings.

2832 and 2833 are the spindle bushings for the upper arm and according to the diagram, they are actually mixed - each side of the spindle uses one of each.
The rest are on the hub knuckle, which takes 2836, 2838, and 2x 2835 for each side of the car.

Energy does sell individual bushings through, so if you need a couple of the missing ones, it might be worth it. The individual bushings worked out to $12-18 for 2 ends and a sleeve, so filling out the whole set from them with individual parts was going to be $90.
I can provide the details I got from them if you need any that I don't have.

$5 per bushing (2 ends and a sleeve). Willing to sell all as a set or break it up into groups. Free shipping if you are buying at least 4 of them, you pay the shipping on fewer.
I have 2.5 of the jars of grease that i can throw in with orders until they are gone.

If you aren't sure what you need after looking at the diagrams, I can try to help.

These would be great for anyone replacing individual parts and wanting to do poly bushings in them or replacing specific worn bushings.


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