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Vehicle: Infiniti G35 2005 V6 Coupe Silver

First and foremost, THANK YOU for any advice that you could offer me

Here's the problem: For the last couple of weeks, I had been experiencing some stiffness and tugging with my steering wheel, especially when I made right-hand turns. Within the last week, it has gotten so bad that I feel as if it is about to just give out. It feels like i'm playing tug-of-war with my steering wheel, and it's winning! It's so stiff, that sometimes I cannot make certain turns, or make them obviously wide.

So here's the issues that could have been causing this issue that have been eliminated by an actual mechanic.

1. it is NOT the power-steering pump, it is not leaking, yet is slightly dirty. ( as far as i know, it has never been flushed. I purchased this vehicle last year).

2. It is NOT the power-steering belt, it was checked and is in fine condition.

3. Upon inspection of the vehicle on the lift(before test-drive by mechanic), the mechanic claimed that the rack and pinion seemed to be fine, and he doubted that this was the issue.

AFTER test-driving the vehicle, the mechanic determined that the only possible explanation for the obvious stiffness of the steering wheel was that the rack and pinion needed to be replaced.

My problem is that, I also have to fix an oil-cooler leak, and a head-gasket leak(both driver and passenger), and get new front brakes and pads. So, i'm already looking at a pretty penny. I'm currently unemployed, and am using my savings to pay for these repairs. I cannot afford to pay for the rack and pinion to be replaced at my expense and have that not repair the issue. ( Since the mechanic is basically determining this by elimination method).

Is there any other issue that you have experienced similar to mine, that wasn't an obvious explanation related to your power-steering feeling stiff? I need any advice I can get, because i'm on a very strict budget.

Again, thank you for any advice you can offer!!! I appreciate it!

UPDATE: I replaced the rack and pinion as per my mechanic's recommendation, and the problem still persists.... at this point, i'm down hundreds of dollars, and if it's even possible, the drive quality is worse than before. please help!
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