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Infiniti G35 & G37 Backup LEDs

Here's a great way to upgrade your Infiniti G35 & G37's or Nissan GT-Rs appearance and safety at night. Diode Dynamics' LEDs are great additions to any tail lights, and can be easily installed, plug-and-play. No resistors or anything needed.

Diode Dynamics carries the brightest, highest-quality bulbs on the market. Your order will ship same day, and we're here if you need us for support and service. These LED bulbs are designed by our engineering team here in St. Louis, and every bulb carries with it a three-year limited warranty.


Diode Dynamics offers several brightness options so you can choose what fits you best. These options are listed by the design and the lumen output of each bulb:

HP5: 92 lumens. Slightly lower brightness than OEM

HP36: 210 lumens. Slightly higher brightness than OEM bulbs.

XP50: 410 lumens. Much brighter than OEM bulbs. These are bright!

Bulb Design

HP36: Full 360 degree illumination with 36 High-Power Samsung LEDs. Aluminum base for optimum heatsinking, and non-polar design for easy installation.

XP50: Each of the four sides of this bulb contains two 5W-rated chips, and the top is fitted with two more under a projector lens. Housed in an aluminum casing with textured finish for maximum heatsinking properties.

The bulbs use an exact terminal and will fit as a replacement for stock incandescent All bulbs use less power and heat than the stock bulbs, and will last longer than your vehicle. Our LEDs use only the best components and are of the highest quality. The bulbs are designed for exceptional heat dispersion, and a diode is implanted to protect the LED from reverse polarity or voltage surge. The LED is wired for 12V operation, the kind found on all vehicles.

Included in your order is TWO BULBS.

Diode Dynamics' products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2003-2008 Infiniti G35 Coupe

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2003-2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2009-2013 Infiniti G37 Sedan

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2008-2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2008-2017 Nissan GT-R

Any questions, feel free to ask via email ([email protected]), Post or shoot us a PM!

*PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

Nick C.

Customer Reviews:

"I purchased the stage 2 backup lights and love them. First of all, they are super bright. Secondly, they give my car a nice look with their clean bright white light." (Posted on August 22, 2013)

"Stage 2 is incredibly bright! It could blind a man! Install was incredibly fast and easy, and with my smoked tail lights, these babies were definitely needed. Even smoked, the reverse section when these are on are BRIGHT WHITE." (Posted on June 3, 2013)

"I love my reverse lights. I installed stage 2 and couldn't be happier. They help with visibility at night, even when using the reverse camera." (Posted on June 2, 2013)

"The Reverse LED lights are easy to install. They look really crisp and modern. Great upgrade!" (Posted on March 30, 2013)

"I have a tinted back window and the stage 2 backup lights help a lot during the night since they are super bright," (Posted on January 20, 2013)
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