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Colgan Bra

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Quick question. Have any of y'all heard of Colgan Custom Bras. Another site had some really good commments about them. Just wondered what you guys thought? Thanks.

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Make sure it does not flap and mess up your paint.

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It's suppose to be a good fitting bra. Another question I had is, Does the removable bra (not including the full hood bra's that aren't that eye catching) cover teh most affected area? For those of you with rock chips, do they mostly occur on the very front of the hood or pretty much all over the place? Thanks.

2003 Laser Red Coupe/5AT/Graphite/Premium/Sport/Aero
I bought a Colgan Custom Bra for my new sport coupe and I love it.
It does not flap at all. I ordered the carbon fiber bra.

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Send pics!

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Be careful with these things, depending on where you live. The weather can cause the leather to bake on and permanently bond with your paint job.

I have (had) the Infiniti stock bra on my G for about 6 months now. The biggest problem I have is that the piece that goes on the hood does not fit snuggly at the corners, leaving small but noticable gaps. Worse yet, debris and dirt accumulates under the bra over time. God forbid you have to park outside like I do, because I am constantly pulling out small pieces of leaves, and the occasional twig or stem. As long as you are willing to take it off to clean it and the car every couple of weeks, it's ok.

Recently, I have decided to remove the bra altogether for the very reasons I mentioned above, but I would like to have a good replacement. I too, would like to see pictures of the Colgan Bra.

P.S. I never had a flapping problem with the Infiniti bra at any speed. (Up to about 120 MPH)

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I only put on my bra when I go on road trips (and sometimes at night when I'm alone and feeling a little freaky) because I don't think it's good to wash the car with it on. Most of my paint chips are on the hood, well above any area that would be covered by the leather bra. Best solution: clear bra the hood and front fender to cover only the area that will be covered by the leather bra. If you do that you can leave the leather bra on all the time without worrying about what it will do to the paint. I'll do this someday; maybe when the snow starts to melt.
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I bought a Colgan Custom Bra for my new sport coupe and I love it.
It does not flap at all. I ordered the carbon fiber bra.

2004 G35 Sport Coupe A5 / Black Obsidian & Black Leather / Aero Package w Rear Spoiler / Premmium Package / Performance Tires & 18" Alloy Wheels

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jdhurst, carbon fiber bra? What material is it. Share pics with us. I would like to see it as well.

I personally think, most bra makes the car looks worse than without.

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Infiniti Bra works nicely. I use mine for freeway travel and long trips. Like good bras, it has the thick felt on the backing.
Obviously, ANY bra has to be removed periodically and at EVERY wash. You should always inspect the backing before putting it back on. I used one for 10 years on my last car. Never a problem with regards to the paint.
It never happened, but I should think that you would NEVER allow a wet bra with wet backing to dry on the car. If you get caught in rain...they are fine wet...just later when you get home or at the end of your distance trip...remove it, allow it to dry in the trunk. Fold with the felt inward, etc.

For the errant leaf or twig creeping in the seam...just inspect and with the hood raised...wiggle the hood or raise the lip of the vinyl to allow them to slip out. Dont do this with the hood down...the little bugger will creep down to the hood edge where if fits snug and you damn sure don't want that.

I would like to find mirror bras for the such luck just yet. Of course I dont see how these could be left on in town...they would sprout legs and wander off. Only good for out of town drives/long trips.

That 3M bra is damn attractive...BUT I want to find or see one 4 years after application. Thinking about it hard though. I did not get one at the dealer as they could not do it that day. (had to travel to get a deal). I would still use the black one over it though. I believe the 3m stops rock chips...but I have been hit by some big ass rocks in the past. More padding the better.

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I'd have to agree with jtb about the paint chipping on the hood. Most of mine are well above where a normal bra would reach.

As far as maintenance with the bra ... it gets to be a pain in the butt. I used to have a bra on my saturn and as many of you with a bra know, you get alot of dirt that gets underneath. Even if you are careful to never lift the bra, the dirt still gets in there. The dirt acts like sand paper when the car vibrates (I had to clean coat my saturn as a result). If you remove the bra, wash the car every month, wax, and reapply the bra, you should be OK. If you know you're gonna get lazy about it, stay away. Though, jtb has a good point about the clear bra. I guess if you apply it under the leather one, you'll have no worries. cool...

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