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This is not new news but the photos are cool.

612 hp 12-cylinder in the new CL 65 AMG
World premiere in the CL model series at the 73rd Geneva International Motor Show 2003 in Switzerland

Stuttgart -- The CL65AMG shares the limelight with three more new product offerings from the SLK and E-Class model series as well as the CLK-Class Cabriolet on the Mercedes-Benz stand at this year's Geneva International Motor Show.

CL 65 AMG: 1000 newton metres of torque from just 2000 rpm
Geneva is also the scene of the world premiere of another automotive masterpiece from Mercedes-Benz: the new CL 65 AMG continues the successful tradition of twelve-cylinder engines from Mercedes-AMG with a state-of-the-art V12 power plant which delivers extraordinarily impressive performance. Thanks to biturbo-charging, the engine develops 450 kW/612 hp and provides a massive 1000 newton metres of torque from 2000 rpm, making the CL 65 AMG the most powerful AMG model to date.

The powerful AMG twelve-cylinder engine gives the Coupé the performance characteristics of a thoroughbred sports car: the CL 65 AMG accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h ((0-62.1 mph)) in only 4.5 seconds (provisional figure); its top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h ((155 mph)).

The AMG engine is based on the newly developed twelve-cylinder unit from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The increase in the displacement from 5513 to 5980 cc is just one of many measures responsible for the enhanced performance and torque available in the CL 65 AMG. Examples of the modifications made by the AMG engineers include enlargement of the cylinder bore from 82 to 82.6 millimetres, extension of the crankshaft stroke by six millimetres to 93 mm, and an increase in the maximum charge pressure delivered by the turbocharger to 1.5 bar. Further-more, as well as using forged pistons, and main and big-end bearings made from material with exceptional resistance to temperature and pressure, they increased the size of the openings in the injection valves in order to obtain higher fuel throughput.

Power is transmitted by a five-speed automatic transmission with SPEEDSHIFT and steering-wheel-mounted gearshift controls. Various transmission components, the rear differential, the drive shafts and the hub carriers have been optimised to ensure safe and reliable handling of the exceptionally high torque developed by the V12 engine. Like all the other CL-Class models, the new CL 65 AMG is equipped as standard with the Active Body Control (ABC) active suspension system, the only difference being that the spring struts in the high-performance Coupé are set up for a somewhat firmer response.


MBSPY comments:
As one can see from the below photo which is part of the above one DaimlerChrysler still has severe quality problems - the hood and the fender do not match at all and also the hood and the front bumper are not properly aligned...
Remember: We are talking "Mercedes" here - not to mention the car will cost more than 100.000 Euro.

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That is true, that hood looks like it's not locked down or something.

An amazing car, none the less [bowdown]

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