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From carkak.

The Chrysler Airflite concept vehicle, which will be revealed next week (Tuesday, 4 March) by the Chrysler Group at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, blends the passion of Chrysler design, the styling of a coupe and the practicality and function of a saloon car. The long, clean aerodynamic lines of Airflite’s striking profile combine with the spacious, creative but practical interior to produce a car that is as much museum-quality sculpture as it is personal transportation. It brings form and function together in a stylish, sporty vehicle designed to appeal to the mainstream market segment.

"Airflite is the ultimate expression of functional art," said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President of Design. "It is designed to offer true functionality in a beautifully-designed exterior and interior package that is as exciting and as elegant as any coupe on the road."

The long, tapered roof line, uninterrupted glass and body side forms of Airflite’s exterior evoke the emotion of the Crossfire, Chrysler Group’s sporty, two-passenger coupe. But Airflite delivers a wealth of new ideas that bring excitement to the four-passenger sedan segment.

In creating Airflite, exterior designer Greg Howell and interior designer Simeon Kim drew on influences from sources as diverse as contemporary furniture design, classic marine architecture, and the Chrysler building, an Art Deco icon of the New York City skyline. The result is a sedan-coupe hybrid that offers five doors and full-size seating for four in an elegant vehicle that resembles a piece of uniquely American sculpture.

Rear fog lamps, centre high-mounted stop light and repeater lamps set into the side vents contribute unique elements to the Airflite design. The tail of the car is finished off with a bold chrome wing badge that underscores Chrysler brand’s unique design, and seven-spoke road wheels recapture the theme used on the Crossfire and Chrysler Pacifica, two of the brand’s latest products.

The most striking interior element is the dominant centre spine that connects the interior from front to back. The floor is stepped up behind the rear seats to create a raised cargo area. Leather seats enhance the natural look and broaden the range of materials of the interior space.

Chrysler Airflite Concept Vehicle Key Specifications

Length: 190.4 inches (4,838 mm)
Wheelbase: 116.0 inches (2,946 mm)
Width: 73.6 inches (1,870 mm)
Height: 57.0 inches (1,488 mm)
Front: 235/45R20-inch; wheel size: 20 inches x 8.5-inches, outer diameter - 28.3 inches
Rear: 255/45R21-inch; wheel size: 21 inches x 9 inches, outer diameter - 30.0 inches
Engine: 3.5L V-6
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

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