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Catalytic Converter replacement advice.

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I have a 2009 G37 sedan, the catalytic converter on the driver side needs to be replaced, I am looking for any advice on which cats to purchase, should I go original OEM or does anyone know of a good aftermarket brand, and I intend to replace both of them at the same time, but if I go original OEM I won't be able to afford to replace them both at the same time, so any advice and or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Not my listing, but one great deal on left and right on ebay. Worth looking at...

You're welcome! You asked about an alternative to OEM. There are no real inexpensive solutions other than straight pipes if you live somewhere you can get away with it. There's no emissions check where I live, so I was able to go that route and would do it again without hesitation. It added a little pep and a nice low sound to the exhaust. Good luck!
How did you get around the computer throwing codes, because I would imagine that the O2 sensors after the cats would would detect the emissions and make the check engine e light on? And I prefer the quietness that my car had before my cats stared to fail.. I'm just looking for the best option to keep my car running well for as long as possible,
I was just offering another option that could save you money since you expressed an interest in that. As far as the straight pipe goes, the upstream sensor is not affected at all, and that is the one that can really cause engine problems. If the downstream sensor reads too lean there is a formula to tune the engine to accept the reading, but since you're not into performance I won't get into that.

Again...good luck.
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