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Originally posted by VQ

Check this out guys. This looks fairly good for those interested in a navi conversion. No plug for nissan yet, but I'm sure soon. Also, if you wanted to retrofit it, I'm sure you could...

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Hi VQ,

This is Sam with .Thanks for the link that you posted.

Just found out this great forum from one of the forum member here that contacted me. We are currently working on Plug&Play connector for Nissan&Infiniti and looking for a local (Atlanta, Georgia) Infiniti/Nissan test car especially G35 model. 10% discount toward the purchase of our system for the test car that got pick. Any local Infiniti/Nissan owner can also contact us directly if interested with the program. There will be no wire cutting involve. Hope you can help so Infiniti owners can also start enjoying Video on the Navi screen.


<font color="orange">Hello all,
This is a chance for you guys to help the great world of G35 ownership. AV Electronics needs a G35 navi owner to come by so he can map out your navi wiring. There is no cutting involved just looking for your RGB cable from your navi to make a template to build a plug & play system that will allow the navi system to play DVD's & accept multi inputs such as laptops, PS2s, MP3 players, etc. There is no charge to you just 15-30 minutes of your time. They will give you a 10 percent discount if you want to purchase the plug & play unit once it is built. Here is their website again:

I think I am speaking for most G35 navi owners but we would all appreciate your time assisting with the navi to video conversion.
You would be awesome![bowdown][bowdown][bowdown]
My existance as a navi/DVD owner rests in your hands, please be gentle![lol]

Any takers please respond, we can talk to Sam at AV Electronics.
Thanks guys[thumbup]</font id="orange">

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